Because of our experience in criminal defense cases,  we also maintain an emphasis on "detained" cases with the Immigration Courts (where our client is in custody for a portion of, or all of, their immigration proceedings).  If your loved one is incarcerated on immigration charges, call us to schedule a free consultation to discuss their case.   

To read more about the work that we do acting as an outside consultant on Immigration issues for the clients of the Hamilton County Public Defender's Office, please visit the bio page for Blake P. Somers.

▪  Family based immigration     ▪  Naturalization cases     ▪  Complex naturalization cases and appeals     ▪  Criminal removal and deportation cases     ▪  Asylum / Refugee assistance     ▪  Withholding of Removal (Federal and International law)  ▪  Removal of conditions on permanent residency (and self-petitions)     Special Immigrant cases (juveniles and abuse victims)   ▪  U, T, and S Visas    ▪ Consular Processing  ▪  Complex inadmissibility problems     ▪  Immigration Court practice and appeals (nationwide)     ▪  Adjustment of Status cases     ▪  Consular processing     ▪  "Waivers" and "Provisional Waivers" for inadmissibility reasons (sometimes referred to as "hardship waivers")       Complex Affidavit of Support processing     ▪  Medical inadmissibility and waivers      ▪  Bond determinations     ▪ Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Petitions     ▪  Business immigration     ▪  mandamus and habeas relief

The field of Immigration Law can be so complex that it is oftentimes referred to as a "maze."  At the same time, it involves some of the most important aspects of life, and even the United States Supreme Court has stated that negative immigration outcomes can result in the loss of "all that makes life worth living."  Ng Fung Ho v. White, 259 U.S. 276 (1922).  Our team understands these important issues, and is ready to work diligently to ensure the best possible outcome in each and every individual case.  While we are able to practice in any and all areas of immigration law, we choose to maintain an emphasis in the following areas:

Immigration Law

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